Many of our alumni go on to play competitive lacrosse in college.

  • CAVS CLASS of 2021
  • Bennett Maddox: Southwestern University, NCAA Division III
    CAVS CLASS of 2020
  • Riley Cowden: Texas A&M, MCLA Division I
  • Justin Cutherell: Hanover College, NCAA Division III
  • Will Gambrell: Texas Christian University, MCLA Division I
  • John Gardener: Piedmont College, NCAA Division III
  • CAVS CLASS of 2019
  • Zach Blanchard: Texas Tech, MCLA Division I
  • CAVS CLASS of 2017
  • Nolan Shipley: University of Arkansas, MCLA Division I
  • Garrett Broussard: Colorado School of Mines, MCLA Division II